Fabio-Mora :~#

I'm a computer programmer and author.

I help teams improving the way they build and operate software. Specialised in Extreme Programming and DevOps methods, using open-source technologies such as Linux based products. Passionated by economics, travel, music, sound and photography. My hometown is Galliate, but I actually live in Milan.

Feel free to drop me a line at mail@fabiomora.com, but you may also want to find me on Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook.

My book on DevOps is out!

I just wrote a guide on DevOps in Italian (at least for now).

You can find it here, together with the source code at this page.

Upcoming in my calendar

  • 30 October 2019: A primer course on Agile and Lean in Milano (more).
  • 8 November 2019: a talk at ContainerDay in Bologna about the Unix Way today (more).