I'm a freelance software engineer, author & trainer.

I help teams and organisations improving the way they build and operate software. I'm specialised in Agile Software Development methods, like Extreme Programming and DevOps; some years ago I founded IAM with some friends. Moreover, I support free software technologies, such as Linux & CNCF platforms, since a long time ago. My hometown is Galliate, but I actually live in Milan. You might wanna check my LinkedIn or YouTube profiles, or even author pages at Apogeo or Amazon.

Feel free to drop me a line at mail@fabiomora.com


Recent stuff...

28 January 2021: Agile Experience @ Agile For Italy

11 November 2020: Kubernetes Italy @

27 October 2020: Codemotion Online Panel

25 June 2020: IDI @ localhost

28 May 2020: ContainerDay @ localhost

17 December 2019: with Mattia @ XPUG @ Milano

21 November 2019: Agile Community @ Torino

9 November 2019: AgileDay @ Bologna

8 November 2019: ContainerDay @ Bologna

30 October 2019: #Agile classroom for Apogeo @ Milano

23 October 2019: PHP User Group @ Torino

22 October 2019: PHP User Group @ Milano

My book on DevOps is out!

Or, in the meantime, check my...